The News

January 2019

We are delighted to announce in mid December the beautiful 15.1h grey pure crabbet stallion Renasar (Sarafire/ Fenwick Renaq) joined our herd. He’s 22 years young and in terrific condition. We’ve already served Wootton Charismatic, and are waiting test results and the new foal to come before deciding which mares to put him over. Long story short I nearly purchased this horse when he was 5 years old. After gelding and selling W.Charismatic to Raelene I was intent on using outside boys unless I bred something worth keeping entire. Then “Ren" became available and that was that. Many thanks to his previous owners Marty & Bev for allowing me to purchase him and for bringing him to us. He’s settled in extremely well and we’re ecstatic to have him and very much looking forward to seeing what he produces over our band of pure crabbet mares.

His sire Sarafire won 116 Championships in led, harness and under saddle in Open classes and Arabian classes and Renasar is the sire of the amazing Fenwick Orion (dec). Exciting days ahead. He may be available via AI or natural service in the future but I’ll just let him settle in, serve some of our mares and see what transpires between now and next Spring. More pictures under Stallion section.

We’re still waiting on Fenwick Briar Rose to deliver her Jamahl foal. Wootton Charismatic’s last foal (out of PC mare Chishelhurst Giselle) is also due in approximately one week. The paint partbred mare Allyndah Dezyner Vogue delivered a very flashy paint colt by Charismatic in November. Charismatic has now been with Raelene for a few months and is getting loads of riding and settling in well. W.Audacious (aka Digger) is over with my good friends Darryl & Steph King, also getting some more work than he would here! 

We’ve enjoyed a few Stud visits over summer, and look forward to more after our new arrival joins us and also around the WAHO Convention in late Feb 2019.

We’ve now joined the You Camp movement so if you would like to come and stay in our beautiful back paddock overlooking the dam surrounded by the beautiful crabbet herd go and check us out on the You Camp site. Otherwise if you would just like to visit and see the farm and horses please contact me on the details below or via FaceBook. There is also a Facebook group called Versatile Crabbet Horses if you want to join up to get daily updates on crabbet horses all over the world. Happy trails. Linda

questions: contact or call 0417 685 244 and leave a message and I will return your call after work