The News

October  2018

I hope you enjoy seeing our crabbet herd and how they live here in beautiful Wootton.We are very glad to see the back of a very dry winter with drought everywhere in NSW and feed prices skyrocketing. We’ve now had good spring rain and are waiting for the grass to boom.

We had a quick visit to Tassie in May and caught up with loads of friends and also met Sam Graham and her mare by Wootton Flamboyant for the first-time. Lily is a lovely big Anglo mare just starting her career in endurance.

Sadly weve had a couple of tragic horse losses since the last update. My first pure crabbet Rebroof Moonshadow (aka Major) was PTS in August after issues for six months. We suspected cancer so he was laid to rest above the stunning big dam in his favourite paddock. Then last month Wootton Charisma lost a beautiful grey pure crabbet filly by Boden when it was stillborn prematurely. It was a shock loss and of one Id been waiting for and planning for nearly five years. Beautiful Charlie was very distressed but has now bounced back to her normal self. The lows of breeding and owning horses. 

So we now eagerly await one, perhaps two, foals. Fenwick Briar Rose is confirmed in foal to Jamahl (Booomori Finale/Fenwick Vision), and Beaucheval Spellbound should be in foal to Wootton Charismatic but has not been tested. Two outside mares are yet to foal to Charismatic, a paint part-bred mare, and a pure crabbet mare Chislehurst Jiselle. These will be his last foals as he is now gelded and sold to Raelene Whitfield. It was a hard decision but I’m sure this duo will do me proud under saddle and he is young enough to get out and have a wonderful career and his own “person”, without having to share me with so many others.

The fabulous saddle horse Rishahl FA is back staying with us for a while and we’ve enjoyed some fantastic rides with him and Amelia in the hills of Wootton. I’m loving being back in the saddle after months off. We won’t be competing this year but we will be heading to the Bullio Cup to support and strap for Shanadarr Arabians who campaign the wonderful PC gelding James Bonn.

We’ve now joined the You Camp movement so if you would like to come and stay in our beautiful back paddock overlooking the dam surrounded by the beautiful crabbet herd go and check us out on the You Camp site. Otherwise if you would just like to visit and see the farm and horses please contact me on the details below or via FaceBook. There is also a Facebook group called Versatile Crabbet Horses if you want to join up to get daily updates on crabbet horses all over the world. Happy trails. Linda

questions: contact or call 0417 685 244 and leave a message and I will return your call after work