The News

It’s been too long between updates and quite a lot of changes have happened. I’ll update the photos shortly.

Meadow View Silver Spectre (Fenwick Phantom/Meadow View Princess), who I share with Marillyn & Larry O’dea of Inshallah Arabian Stud first foals have been born in 2023 for both studs and one outside owner. We’re delighted with the quality, size and substance of these foals. We got two colts, one out of the magical grey mare Wootton Moonbeam (Fenwick Silver Prince/Al Tsahir Odessa), and one out of my wonderful matriarch broodmare Wootton Charisma (Fenwick Chamara/Boomori Finale). Both colts will be gelded and available for sale upon weaning later this year. I expect them both to get near 15h.

We’ve had a couple of losses over the last season, dear old Fenwick Briar Rose and the beautiful Crenel daughter Al Tsahir Odessa have both been PTS. It’s always sad but the reality is after being here for 25 years a lot of these horses are getting old, along with me as well. At one point I had six horses between 25-30. They’ve had a good life here and a lot of them have been here for the majority of their lives, lived out as a herd, been fed daily and raised a few foals. Rosie very sadly left us with no progeny, but Odessa has one beautiful daughter, Wootton Moonbeam, and a grandson here, Wootton Majestic Night, who is entire and his running with Sunland Miriam who hopefully is in foal and not just obese. 

Fenwick Brilliant Diamonds was served by Meadow View Silver Spectre before he went back to Inshallah so we’re hoping for a spring foal and very excited to see what this very special mare delivers.  

If you’d like to visit the Stud and meet the horses touch base on Facebook or on our Versatile Crabbet Facebook Group. Stay safe and happy trails. Linda